Thursday, July 13, 2017

Matthew 25 Project Continues

There are many ways that the Outreach team and other ministry teams are working to live into Matthew 25 in the coming year. One way we are doing this, over the summer, is to maintain two garden plots at Kay Leary Park in Elmira. All produce from the plots are given to the Samaritan Center 1/2 a mile from the church. The garden has already produced radishes and now the beans and Zucchini are ripe! Here is what was picked on July 13th....want to help tend the garden? Check out the sign-up sheet in the hallway.  Thank you for your help as we endeavor to feed the hungry.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Poetry Spotlight For June

The following poem was written by Mattie J.T. Stepanek who went home to God at the young age of 13 from a rare type of Mitochondrial disease. He is renowned for his poetry, which were collected into 7 books. The following poem was written in 1995 at the age of 5. I have been reading his collection entitled "Reflections of a Peacemaker," and couldn't help but share it. The title of the poem is "The Dust of God." 

A long time ago,
I was a leaf on a tree...
I was hanging on my tree and
it was during spring
So it rained a lot,
And that was good because I was thirsty.
Then it turned into summer
And it was so hot,
But I felt good when I saw
The beautiful flowers down below.
Then fall came.
I was green, but then I turned red
And fell down to the ground.
When winter came it was cold,
And I began to disappear and turn
Back into the dust that I was made from.
Then spring came again...
I was not a tree anymore,
But buried into the ground.
But, I was still a part of
The flowers and the trees and of
All the life around the world...
Because I was the dust God made,
And that is the dust that God used
To make the whole world, and the animals,
And the plants, and the people.
I am the dust, and
I am the life, and
I am so happy...
Hanging on my tree,
Floating to the ground, and
Being the dust of God in the earth.
   June 22, 1995
   Mattie Stepanek, Age 5